• Making Gears at Etop

    At Etop, we use the high precision Gleason-Pfauter gear hobbing and gear grinding machine to provide reliable and efficient gear motors. Proven dependability and accuracy whether you are moving aggregate material on a conveyor or operating a automated manufacturing system.

  • Gear Cutting Tools from Etop

    In 2019, Century participated at the Motion Power Expo in Detroit. Etop Geared Motor represents Century as sales office in the North America.

  • Gear Testing Process

    Gear testing after gear cutting, grinding and skiving process assures the constant high quality of gears. After each batch production(up to 150 pieces of parts), we check sample tests of gear parts because the quality of each gear has possible errors because of the life of gear cutting tools

  • Automated Paper Cup Machine

    Paper cup forming machine transforms paper into a delicate cup. Since 1979, Woosung has manufactured and developed paper cup forming machines including double paper forming machine and paper cup forming with handles. The customer installs Etop Gear Motor as their main power system for high and precise paper cup forming machines.

  • Gear Motor Application – Crusher

    Over 30 years, Sunjin have produced recycling machines for the U.S, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and Europe. Crushing machines grind waste stream such as plastic waste material and convert waste into uniform commodities in desired size for easy recycling. We proudly have supplied the most critical part – gear motor for the recycling machine for Sungjin since 2011.

  • Automated Parking System

    The Lotte automated parking system shows how the auto parking system works. STM have supplied power system – light duty inline helical gear motor, right angle worm gear reducer, right angle helical gear motor, heavy duty gear motor for lift cars since 2012 for Lotte parking system. Because of the high reliability, Lotte have purchased only STM product for power transmission.

  • 2017 Trade show

    Etop Geared Motor, Inc was established at Bartonville, Texas in 2018 as a subsidiary of S.TM Co,Ltd which is leading gear motor manufacturer in South Korea. S.T.M produce in-line helical gear motor(for light duty), right angle speed reducer, helical worm gear reducer, planetary gear speed reducer, heavy duty in-line helical gear motor. With most recently installed high quality gear cutting machines from Germany and precision gear testing machines, S.T.M has produced only high quality products for customers.

    In 2017, STM participated in 2017 Automation trade show in Seoul, Korea. More than 30 products were displayed including inline helical gear motors, right angle gear reducers, right angle helical worm gear reducers.