Established in 1967, we began to produce worm reduction gears in Seoul, Korea. Since then, we have developed the first geared motors to compete with German and Japanese competitors. We can now boast 70% market share in Korean market. Our competitive advantages include long term experience of gear production and development as well as fast and precise technical support for our customers. We aim to deliver advanced gear technology with support our customers can trust.


We produce:

1) light duty geared motors that range from 0.2kw to 15kw

2) worm reduction gears

3) helical worm reduction gears

4) heavy duty geared motors that range from 2.2kw to 55kw

5) planetary reduction gears

While we continue to increase production range, our commitment to quality remains the same. Our experienced production team and systems provide consistent quality with fast delivery.


From 2010-2011, we invested 5 million US Dollars to modernize our production facility. We also spend 5% of sales revenue on product development. As a result of these investments, we maintain the leading technology in our industry.


Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. This is evident in production, technology and sales. STM Employees have the mindset to exceed customer expectations.