Conveyor System

E-commerce markets are fast growing and expanding worldwide. One of the key points to successful service will be faster and exact classification of products provided to the customer. Etop Geared Motor strengths include low noise levels, oil leakage free and strong durability all at low maintenance costs

Automatic Car Parking System

As the quality of life increases, more people are buying cars needing safe convenient parking. However, with limited parking spaces available customers are often inconvenienced. Safety, reliability, variety of products and experience must be assured when deciding which gear motor will be installed in automatic parking systems. Since 2012, STM has provided more than 8,000 gear motors and gear reducers for such automated parking systems in South Korea and South Asia. Small and medium duty geared motors, worm gear reducers, helical worm gear reducers, and heavy duty geared motors have all been manufactured in our South Korean factory.

Other Applications

Food processing and mixing, Clasher(Plastics), Elevator doors, metal processing

Competitive Edges

Quality control is our main resource to deliver problem free products to our customers. In every stage of production, we check the acceptance of allowance before moving to the next stage of production. Since the cost of problem solving after sales can be much higher than quality control costs, all of our factory employees focus on exceptional quality. Furthermore, we have installed the most modernized high precision gear hobbing machines and gear testing machines to align with our goal. Such reliable quality allows our sales partners to better provide customer service without concerns.